Vietnam - Singapore II Industrial Park (VSIP 2)


Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture Company (Joint Venture between Becamex IDC Corporation & Sembcorp Development)

* Management office:

  • Address: VSIP I Binh Duong, No. 8 Dai lo Huu Nghi, VSIP, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong.
  • Tel: (0274) 3743 898; Fax: (0274) 3743 430
  • Email: marketing@vsip.com.vn
  • Website: www.vsip.com.vn 


Thuan An


Binh Duong


Road 3 VSIP II, Hoa Loi, Ben Cat, Binh Duong, Vietnam

  • Distance to :
  • - Ben Thanh Market:
  • - Mien Dong Coach Station:
  • - Cat Lai Port:
  • - Thanh Phuoc Port:
  • - Binh Duong Port:
  • - Thu Dau Mot Market:
  • - Nha Be Petroleum Port:
  • - Cai Mep Petec Oil Port:
  • - Moc Bai Gate:
  • - Tan Son Nhat International Airport:
Policies to attract investment

VSIP is a self-contained industrial park with modern facilities such as ready-built factories, full infrastructure facilities including electricity, treated water, sewerage treatment and telecommunications for investors to set up their manufacturing plants. Minimum take up from 10,000 sqm. Logistic hub with on-site custims clearange.

Scope of investment

Engineering and car parts and accessories, electronics and electrical, pharmaceuticals and health care, food and beverage, supporting industries and other industries. Supporting industries, food processing, construction materials, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Equipment and spare parts, medical instruments.

Total area

2045.00 Ha


Infrastructure meeting the international standards, wastewater treatment plants, power plants...

Land Usage Structure

2,045 ha (Industrial: 345 ha in Phase 1 - 1,000 ha in Phase 2 - Commercial Residential: 1,000 ha in Phase 2)

Functional areas

Minimum land plot from 5,000 m2 (VSIP II - Phase 1) and 7,000 m2 (VSIP II - Phase 2).


Tropical equatorial nature, year-round temperatures, high humidity and abundant light source.


Flat land.

Traffic Network

The transportation system of IP is planned with 70m-wide roads and chessboard style. Total investment capital for infrastructure development is 988 billions VND. The full light system for the night and the early.

Electricity supply system

Stable National-Grid Supply; 6x63 MVA equal to 321.3 MW.

Water supply system

WHO Quality Standard: max capacity of 20,000 m3 (VSIP II - Phase 1) and 50,000 m3 (VSIP II - Phase 2).

Sewage treament

6,000 m3 (Phase 1) and 6,000 m3 per day (Phase 2 - maximum capacity up to 45,000 m3 depending on customer’s demand).

Telecommunication system

2,000 lines (VSIP II – Phase 1) and 10,000 lines (VSIP II – Phase 2) .Equipped with IDD, private leased lines and fiber optic capabilities Broadband ADSL service available.

Public ultilities

Sports facilities, banks, post office, restaurants, canteen and commercial center.

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