Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park Bac Ninh (VSIP Bac Ninh)


VSIP Bac Ninh Co., Ltd

* Management office:

  • Address: No.1, Dai lo Huu Nghi, Phu Chan Commune, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh
  • Tel: (84.241) 3765 668, Fax: (84.241) 3765 666
  • Email: marketing@vsip.com.vn
  • Website: www.vsip.com.vn


Tu  Son


Bac Ninh


VSIP Bac Ninh, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, Vietnam

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Policies to attract investment

Corporate Income Tax (CIT): Incentive rates: 20%

  •  CIT Holidays: 02 years
  •  CIT reduction: 04 years

Personal Income Tax (PIT): Full payment.

Dedicated Customer Service teams to hand hold investor in business start-ups. On-site Estate Management maintenance of infrastructure and utilities within the industrial park. 24-hoir general security.

Scope of investment

Mechanical industry, electronic industry, precision Industry, Light Industry, Information Technology... packaging technology and packaging production...

Total area

700.00 Ha


  • Self-sufficient infrastructure (e.g. Power, Water, Sewerage and Telecommunications).
  • On-site amenities (e.g. Bank, Post Office and Restaurant).
  • Accomplish 100% phase 1 of electrical grid of 22kV for IP.
  • Accomplish phase 2 of Water Supply Plant which provides 10,000m3/day.
  • Level 90% ground and well construct main streets to IP and Urban complex.
  • Handing over to investors.
  • Fire protection systems reach national standards, these buildings are arranged fire along the industrial park road (approximately 100-120m / 1tru) ensure fire prevention and fighting goes wrong.

Land Usage Structure

Integrated Township and Industrial Park development spanning 700ha. Prepared land parcels, ready build factories and customized factories.


  • Bac Ninh features a warm humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa) with plentiful precipitation.
  • Bac Ninh is located in a tropical monsoon region.
  • The annual average temperature is 24°C.
  • The highest is 30°C in July; the lowest is 15°C in January.
  • The province experiences the typical climate of northern Vietnam, where summers are hot and humid, and winters are, by national standards, relatively cold and dry.
  • Summers, lasting from May to September, are hot and humid, receiving the majority of the annual 1,680 millimetres (66.1 in) of rainfall.
  • The winters, lasting from November to March, are relatively mild, dry (in the first half) or humid (in the second half), while spring (April) can bring light rains. Autumn (October) is the best time of the year in terms of weather.
  • The average annual sunshine is 1,530-1,776 hours, relative humidity is 79%.


Flat terrain.

Traffic Network

Central roads of 34 meters wide Industrial Area 4 lanes. Main roads in the industrial park 23 meters with 2 lanes wide. Lighting systems are installed along the road.

Electricity supply system

Retrieved from national power grid gia.Dam always provide adequate protection for domestic production and operation of enterprises in the area.

Water supply system

Water supply system with a capacity of 7.000m3 / day

Sewage treament

Investment is being built with a capacity of 4.500m3 / day

Telecommunication system

Communication systems modern, full-service provider of Posts and Telecommunications.


85.00 USD/M2

Electricity tariff

Apply according to the unit of government

Water tariff

Apply according to the unit of the industrial zone

Sewage treatment tariff

According to Industrial zone's prices.

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